Wednesday, 30 March 2011

We are finally up!!!

After struggling for so long, more than 6 hours in front of the laptop (well, I admit that I'm slow in tech stuff) Escapade Borneo finally have it's own blog and Facebook Fan Page.Whoohoo!!!

What's the difference between the 'old' Escapade Borneo and the 'new' one? It is the same... :p The 'new' Escapade Borneo has a blog, a fan page, and a new website on it's way. More organized, so that you can have the updates of what we are doing and where we visited. 

Even thought we always says that we are specialized in custom made trips according to your special interest and personal schedule, the 'new' Escapade Borneo' does have a 'menu' of packages for you to choose. For those who can't make up their mind on where to visit in Borneo, I think these will help you in making up your minds.

We have uploaded an album named 'Glimpse of Borneo' to feed the hunger travelers who wanted to visit Borneo, and yet, doesn't or couldn't have the chance to see it from the eye of a local - Borneons.

 **yawn** time for me to get my beauty sleep. Good night everyone.

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